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cp_log_export filters stopped working at some of latest R80.30 JHF


We are using log_exporter to forward only "TP" events to siem. 

At some undefined point, latest log_exporter stopped working, when TP-filter is defined.

Some cmas still have the original log_exporter binary and they work fine.

After searching differences in target definitions, nothing found. The only difference was the log_exporter binary.

So, replaced the newer log_exporter binary with older one... IT WORKED!

So, I bet, there is a bug at least at R80.30 JHF 226.

Colleague is creating a case via support, I came this way...We'll see which way is faster to resolve this 😉



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Nice you found a workaround but this is ultimately a bug that needs to be addressed through TAC.

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