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Zero gateways appear in new Smartevent in MDM +MLM +Dedicated smartevent server environment


I am building a new smartevent but when I go to any of the Smartevent views it shows 0 gateways or servers reporting events.  This is the first time I'm building smartevent but thought it would be pretty straight forward since I don't see much documentation on it so wondering if I've missed something?  Our setup is on R81.10


MDM - We are wanting smartevent correlating across most of those

Multiple MLM log servers

Ran FTW and selected Security Management > Smartevent only

Loaded Global domain smartconsole

Created object +selected Smartevent +Smartevent Correlation +Logs & Monitor

Published session

Assigned global policy to the CMA that we're wanting it for

Loaded each CMA and installed database

Went to logs & monitor and loaded smartevent console.  Went to domains and added the ones we want it for

Installed Event Policy


I thought that would be sufficient but still don't see any GW in the views/reports.  I've also pushed policy to one of the GW and done a evstop / evstart on the smartevent server and a reboot of it.  I am seeing traffic on port 8211 to at least one of the log server CMA IP and no drops on other ports



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If the status remains unchanged could you share some additional details about the environment?

- Which jumbo version is used on the elements

- Example blades activated on GW

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Hi Chris

We're running JHF take 66 on management and most of the gateways.  The GW have IPS, URL filtering, Identity Awareness blades enabled.  If I go to the audit overview view as well I don't see any even though policies have been modified and pushed.

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