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WebUI - will not show the Major Versions and looping when "checking for updates".

Hi All.


Has any one experienced this:
I am prepping my R77:30 firewall for the R80.10 upgrade.

The DA agent needed upgrading, once that was done, an alert popped up that the DA agent has stopped. I restarted the agent. It does show that the agent is updated (1676), however, the loop continues. I left it alone to see, if perhaps, it just needed time to finish its process (this took  a long time). It seemed to have finished and now I am running into an issue where the "Major Versions" is not showing the R80.X upgrades options in the listing ( it was there previous to installing the DA agent).  When I click on "Check for Upgrades" I get back this error "Could not connect to the Checkpoint Cloud. Check your connections settings (default Gateway .DNS and Proxy)".  Any thoughts on what I need to do to resolve this?


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It could very well be just a temporary issue, but if it continues, I recommend getting the TAC involved or downloading the relevant CPUSE package from UserCenter and applying manually.
Also, why R80.10 and not R80.20 (which is the recommended release now) or R80.30?
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