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We need a report on number of VPN (IPsec & MAB) Users and he number of times ID was used

We use Identity Awareness to match IDs to AD and also DUO for 2-factor authentication.   We have users that utilize SSL Extender Portal and the standalone VPN IPSec Capsule client.   We were hoping the R80.40 SmartEvent would contain a canned report that would list (not a graph) at least the following over "x" days grouped by the UserID?   We are looking to track how many unique users and frequency of access. 

UserID   VPN Access Method (SSL or IPSec)    # of times (based on report interval)


TIA -- Perry

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This shouldn't be a difficult report to create as the fields are there. You can filter on Action: Log In to get the login events, believe it's Client to get the VPN client used, and Source Username for who logged in.

The problem I was having was getting it to display exactly the way you're asking. Then again, I was working with Demo Mode data.

@Dan_Zada can you have someone assist here?

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I have tried playing around a bit more.   Still no luck.   I would think for license compliance, this kind of report would available in some fashion we could add the information we need.     


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