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Update 15400 r77.30 to r80.20


I currently have 4 GW 15400 with r77.30 in a bank and I would like to update them to r80.20.

Someone has experience updating these devices post update, they have presented some problem.

Thank you.

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Just recently deployed 15400s with R80.10 and then upgraded them to R80.20.

No problems so far, but they are not under heavy load yet.

The upgrade should not represent any issues. In my experience, re-flashing them with R80.20 clean install is the best option. Needless to say, snapshot and backup gaia config before embarking on the process.

Now that the new kernel version is out, things may be slightly different though.


Thanks for sharing your experience

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Which problems are you referring to? Clean install is always the best bet. Are these centrally managed to standalone (locally) appliances? Please provide us a little more info. CheckMates provided a massive run of Live Migration trainings and demonstrations throughout the last months. Have you got a chance to attend one of these events?


Hi Danny
I think that he was asking for real life experience because in Lab environment everything works as expected but, on customer's environment usually applies Murphy's Law
Many of our customers prefers stability of "old faithful R77.30 + JHF" and will stay with that version for at least 6 months more


If you're just asking whether anyone in the community experienced issues post-upgrade, I can tell you that I did a pair of 15400's from R77.30 to R80.10 this past summer without issue. I'm sure going to R80.20 would be no different. 

I performed the upgrade in-place using the CPUSE upgrade packages. A couple of tips prior to upgrade, though:

  1. Have the latest CPUSE bundle on the R77.30 Gateways (Download Here) This can be upgraded without interruption on the Gateway.
  2. I would plan on deploying the latest R80.20 HFA after the upgrade completes 
  3. If you are using a separate management server, make sure it is already running R80.20 with a matching HFA.
  4. Take GAIA Snapshots of the GW's and management server. Be sure to export them from the GW in case something really goes wrong! 
  5. Import the upgrade bundles into CPUSE ahead of the upgrade and be sure to do a verify to make sure there aren't any potential installation issues that could jam you up during the actual upgrade.

Let us know if you had any specific concerns about post-upgrade issues. I've upgraded many standalone, clustered and VSX GWs from 77.30 to R80.x without incident. All the clustered ones were performed with zero outage or downtime and worked on the first try! 

Hope this helps!


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Hi Daniel,

I have a customer who upgraded a standalone GW from 77.30 to 80.20 some 10 days back and after the upgrade, Gateway is not passing traffic with SecureXL enabled. Once they disable SecureXL, traffic is passed by the Gateway.

Would you have any thoughts why SecureXL is dropping traffic?



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