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Unveiling the Power of Compliance Blade: Video, Slides, and Q&A

Slides are below the Q&A, which is below the session video.

Where are new Compliance Frameworks made available?

In the CheckMates Toolbox in the Compliance section.

Are Inline Layers supported?

Not presently and won't be supported in R82 either. This is in the roadmap.

How about checking if a host object complies with a requirement for a specific network object? Or usage of Zone objects?

We are working on a Policy Advisor that will be included with the Compliance Blade, target release is end of 2024.

How does this relate to Endpoint Compliance or CSPM? Will these be integrated for a "single pane of glass" view?

These offerings are currently separate as they are focused on their specific product(s). The roadmap to merge/unify these offerings has not been finalized. If you have specific requirements in this area, it is best to discuss them with your local Check Point office.

Will you incorporate a way for listing risky rules in a single policy / gateway rather than showing risks by rule on one or multiple gateways/policies? i.e. the viewpoint should be policy-focused on all risks rather than one risk all policies.

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