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Unable to delete OPSEC object (duplicated)


I've an duplicated OPSEC obejct in a CMA (one global obecjt and one local).. I've tried to delete the local one but when I try to delete it I get the error:


when I try to delete the obecjt int the database:

Can someone help me to get rid of this object?



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Hi You can try the following:

1. If you are using the same name for both Global and Local objects, try renaming the local object first.

2. If you still cannot delete it from the SmartConsole, and only if you are using a version below R80, try removing the local object with GUIDBEdit opened on CMA IP address (SmartDashboard should be closed)

If those steps do not help, please open a support request for further analysis and care. 

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Hello Robert,

Yes please attempt the rename first. From the gui image I'm suspecting that you are using R80x so you might not want to fiddle with the guiDBedit without doing a full mds_backup (I know you've probably already did this but... yah)

Secondly which object are you trying to remove? The global level one or the CMA/Domain level one?

Are you able to detach the global? If so are you able to rename the CMA level one, save and then see if you are able to delete that local object?

Are there any errors when you "install database" can you provide the output of that?

If you are still not able to, look at sk115557 R80.x Security Management server main processes debugging to see how to enable debugs for the CPM and see why that CMA is being cranky.

If possible provide the debug outputs. Best of luck.

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"internal error" == open a support ticket. 

I understand this sometimes means waiting for a human to look at the case, ask for files etc. but "internal error" is not something that we want to show to our users. When this happens, we want to release a software update that resolves the issue for all of our users. This also guarantees Support and sometimes R&D attention and official response to the error.


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