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Storage consumption increase from adding accounting



I had a discussion with a colleague the other day over tracking level; log, detailed etc.

We always disable accounting on our logs, to save some disk space. But does it save space and how much in that case? or is it uneccessary to remove it?

Let's say that a detailed log is 2x the size of a normal log. Does accounting add 0,5 to that?
Are there any approximations like this that I can read anywhere?

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In R80.10 and above, if you're using App Control/URL Filtering in a given rule (either because you use an App/URL in a rule and/or you specify Detailed/Extended in a Track field), you're going to get accounting logs.
Which means: there's no extra overhead.
The only place where you would see extra overhead is with pure firewall logs where you enable Accounting, which will depend entirely on how long the connection is active for.
A connection that is active for 24 hours will generate more logs than a connection that is active for, say, 10 minutes.