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Solution to an R80.10 problem with SmartEvent, an IP Address Change and a broken Correlation Unit

Thought I'd share a solution to a problem here as I couldn't find an sk on the exact error that was aimed at R80.

We had to change the IP address on a customer's Smart-1 which broke the SmartEvent correlation unit and the only sk that seemed relevant was sk119072 but that hasn't been updated for R80 by the looks of things.

I did, however, find an easier way to fix the problem.

If you go into Program Files (x86) > Check Point > SmartConsole > R80.10 > PROGRAM you'll find an application in there called AnalyzerClient.  Open that, log in to the Smart-1 and go into Actions > Install Event Policy and you'll see a pop-up appear asking you if you want to install the policy.  Click Yes and you'll see another pop-up appear which goes through the process of installing the Event Policy.

Once that completes you'll see the error in SmartDashboard go away after a few seconds and everything starts reporting as it should again.

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