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Smartconsole Gateway Status


I've just built a new R80.20 SmartCenter, with config import from previous R77.30 mgmt.

In SmartConsole, the gateway status column keeps changing.  One minute it's fully populated with green ticks and red crosses to reflect the true gateway status.  Few minutes later, all or most of the statuses are missing.  Wait a few more minutes without doing anything, and the status are working again.  Wait a few more minutes, and the statuses are missing again.  You get the idea 😁

I've been monitoring this for the last few hours while working on this system.  The same cycle repeatedly happens.  

There are some existing posts about similar symptoms, including this one in which someone suggests sk112058.

I've done sk112058 and it's still happening.  Status works fine for a while, then stops, then works fine again, every few minutes or so it changes.

Any ideas?




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