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SmartView VPN Client enhanced view

Hi all,


I god lot of questions from my customers how to get some data about usage of Remote access VPN.

In these times with Corona issue many of the customers allowed HomeOffce and they would like to know who is really using, how and if they are using Remote VPN.


Since almost all of them are already using R80.10+ capabilities, it is quite easy to create such view.

In R80.30 and up is a default Remote VPN view.


I have change it to following lookout.:




As you can see. You will have:

- total time spend on VPN

- transferred total bytes.

- number of logs

- blade used

- client used for connection (workspace, endpoint, snx, etc)

- login fails and realauth schemes

To work it correctly you have to enable specific policy in SME:






Do not forget to install policy

Also for enhanced visibility you probably need to change remote access rules following logging:




If you would like to see only Office mode addresses and how only them are used, add the following filter in the highlighted widget from the first picture. (Change s

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