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SmartEvent in R80.10 MDM Environment - Is it even possible?


I'm not sure if I'm losing the plot but I can't find anything in the R80.10 MDM admin guide about activating SmartEvent for an MDM environment.  The SmartEvent Server and SmartEvent Correlation Unit tick boxes are greyed out on the Domain Management Server properties and even starting SmartEvent Server & Correlation Unit via evconfig at the command line doesn't activate them.  Licenses are there on the MDSM Server.

How is this done in a MDM environment?  Surely it can't be that difficult?


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It can’t be activated on the MDM, but you have to install a separate box for SmartEvent, integrate it in global domain.

Before R80 also directly for specific domain was possible, but R80.x only supports global.

Documentation for this is in Logging Admin Guide.

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Thanks - I was getting to that conclusion as I could see a number of other posts where a SmartEvent server was added in globally as you say.

The thing that foxes me, though, is why does the MDSM license have a SmartEvent element to it if SmartEvent can't be run on an MDSM server?