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SmartEvent External Script for Mail

Hi All,

I want to write custom script for sending SmartEvent alerts to Slack via mail. I cannot use default mail reaction because it send graphics as attachment and as the number of attachment is 25 which is higher than Slack application Accepts, I would like to create my own external script which will send alert in defined format. The problem is I cannot find any example or sample script in Internet which I can use as guide. It would be really helpful If someone can share sample code. Thanks in advance!

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This doesn't use any email functionality because I don't have that available to test but I was able to create a basic app using the Incoming Webhooks function when building an app in Slack.

Slack will provide an example using Curl that can be used in a script on the Smartevent server.

In my case, my script is placed under /home/admin/scripts 

curl_cli -kX POST -H 'Content-type: application/json' --data '{"text":"Hello, World!"}'


I then created an automatic reaction that triggers the script when called.


When triggered, it runs the curl script to post whatever message is defined in the "--data" portion of the curl command.



I'm sure there are better options available when interacting in Slack, but this was my quick effort that might provide some direction.


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Hello, Thank you for provided script. However mostly I need script example which shows way of getting values from event data.

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