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SmartConsole error after installing through software deployment


I am creating a software package for our customer, so he can deploy SmartConsole on his systems.

The problem is, that after deployment editing a gateway or server doesn't work. It says: "Failed to load SmartDashboard component." (see attachment).

VC++ 10, 12 and 15-19 are up to date and after a manual installation the error doesn't occur. It's a Windows 10 21H1.

The software management we are using deploys software using the LocalSystem account. Maybe this is the root cause? Using an other user account is not an option.

I also found this and this but it didn't help.

Does anyone have an idea, what I can try to solve this? We had never similar problems with any other installation before. Is there any log file I can check, to find out more details?


Thanks in advance

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Not sure how to fix the direct issue, but in case you aren't aware, there is a Portable SmartConsole. Might be less effort to push that out than to fix whatever is going wrong with this installation.

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