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Smart-1 50 for a dedicated SmartEvent R80

Hi,  I know that Smart-1 50 is not officially supported for R80 Management, but I would like to know if we could use is for a dedicated SmartEvent?  Thanks,  Xavier

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Not recommended as the performance will almost certainly not be acceptable outside of a lab environment.  SmartEvent will probably work but the Smart-1 50 has a dual-core Intel Xeon E5410, whereas 4 cores are strongly recommended for R80.  If the E5410 supported hyperthreading (it doesn't) you might have been able to get away with it assuming the Smart-1 50 also had 8 GB of RAM (the Smart-1 50 originally shipped with 4GB RAM).


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Definitely not recommended.  We have a Smart1-50 running MDS right now and super slow.  It was fine on R77.30 but not R80.  The poor performance forced us into getting a Smart1-3150.  I wish the EA Team told us beforehand...

We have a dedicated SmartEvent and MLM server running on OpenServer and those became super slow as well after going to R80, requiring us to increase memory 4x to 128GB and now it flies.

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Thanks for your feedbacks.

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