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Sharing Management network

  I have a number of firewalls managed from one management system.  That system lives in a dedicated management DMZ that is shared to all the firewall clusters.

  I have a need to created three new clusters for a substantially different purpose than all the rest and they will report to a new management system.  These new firewalls will not share any of the internal or external networks common to the original firewall clusters.

  For simplicity's sake, I am contemplating placing the new management system in the same DMZ as the original and cabling the management DMZ to the new firewall clusters.

  Is this a good idea?  Or should I create a brand new management network for the new management system and new firewall clusters?

  I am wondering if there could be collisions somewhere between the old and new firewalls if they share this management DMZ with two independent management systems. e.g. where the independent management systems may assign the same cluster ids (as in sk50840 where the management assigned cluster id is used for VMAC) to different clusters because they would not be aware of each other.

  So, any leanings one way or the other?

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Other than the potential issue with cluster IDs, which I believe should be a non-issue in current gateway versions, there shouldn’t be any issues with this.

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