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R80.30 | Export Objects within a Group & Unused Rules

Hello All,


I've been searching quite a bit and have not found any results for my questions. Our FW support team have recently upgraded our management station to R80.30. 

I have read only access to the domains and looking to seek some guidance for Audit requirements.


Question 1:

Is there a way to export (csv) the list of hosts within a Group? Example: If I have a group called Servers and within that group there are 100 hosts nested within that group. Is there a way to export that list of hosts to a CSV?

Question 2:

Within R77.30, there used to be the function to right click on the "Hit" column and export the results as a picture. Has this option been removed or is there still a way to export those rules so we can submit a ticket to have them disabled and eventually removed?


Thanks you.



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First question can be done through the API.
The following script will help:

You can also use the API to answer the second question.
This is likely the closest thing to what you want:

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