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SSL port on management server

I'm having a problem with the ssl port for the Gaia portal on a management server.


R81.10 Management server with Endpoint management, Gaia working on port 4434, all good.

Migrate_server export /import commands used to take config from this box over to a new R81.20 box (all VMware open server)

Gaia now working on 443.

Removed endpoint management as no longer required (probably would have been better to do this before the export but too late now)

Gaia still on port 443.

Ran normal clish commands set web ssl-port 4434 and save config.

Gain no longer connects on 443, or on 4434.

Ran commands again to change back to 443, and it works again.

Just refuses to work on 4434, I suspect its related to the endpoint management and/or the removal of it.

Tried installing the database and rebooting

Can anyone advise what may be causing this please?

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Review the following and if the problem persists I would suggest engaging TAC.

sk178064: Gaia portal on Security Management server reverts back to its default self-signed certificate

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I would agree that what @Chris_Atkinson gave you is probably your best bet.


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