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SMS log backup / archiving script?

Howdy All - we need to:

  • archive our SMS logs for at least one year
  • need to backup SMS logs daily to support a failure

We have about 20 GB a day of logs and growing, on a physical SMS server. This is similar to the direction that we have been doing: 

But want to know - Is there a better way to compress the files? Like 7zip or RAR? Gzip's compression was much larger in comparison. I see in 80.30 you can use xz which is better. I don't suspect there is a way to install 3rd party app?

But really, more generally, how are others doing their SMS log compressing, backup, and archiving? 


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The script referenced on CPUG is a pretty typical approach.
While it's certainly possible to install a third party binary for better compression, it's not exactly supported to do so.
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