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Reports different than logs

Hi all,

I am having an issue where my report is not showing the same information that I see in the logs.

Mgmt server - R80.20 JHF Take 118

SmartEvent server - R80.20 JHF Take 103

When filtering logs and my report, the report only shows a fraction of what I see in the logs.  In the screenshots you will see the same filter is applied and I have also removed any report filters except the one for the blade.

Am I missing something?  Can someone assist?  

Thank you,




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Recommend a TAC case of the built-in reports aren’t working as expected.

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If you want to see more information you can add more fields to your logs table widget.

Something specifically that you want to add? Since it's a log table and not a statistical table I recommend time, protection/attack name etc. When you add fields there's a drop menu in which you can choose IPS and it will suggest fields per blade.

I also suggest that you search for other widgets in the IPS report and take ideas from there / copy widgets.

Kind regards, Amir Senn
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