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R81.20 Take 53 and Log Exporter with TLS

Sharing with the community in case it could be useful to anyone.

We have Log Exporter running with TLS on R81.20 and right after upgrading to Take 53, they stopped working by constantly sending "CA not found" to the destination. Restarting the process with cp_log_export restart name INSTANCE didn't help.

The solution was to set the encryption to false, restart the process, set encryption to true with the exact same certificates, restart the instance and it immediately worked again.

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Thanks for that @Alex- . I will definitely bookmark this link, because we have customer who relies on us to get the logs via log export, but since it is S1C instance, we dont control the version, but I know TAC told me its currently R81.20 jumbo 24, so if jumbo 53 is installed, I will keep this in mind.

Best regards and thanks again.


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