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R80.x FAQ

R80.x FAQ

1.Where can I get R80.10?

You can download the latest version of R80, with Release Notes, technical documentation, and migration tools here.

2. How do I migrate to R80.10?

We are here to help you with your migration! The R80.x Upgrade Verification Service simulates your environment and verifies the upgrade against key R80 features. You will get a status report, together with advice on how best to proceed.

3. What are policy layers?

With R80.x, you can easily segment a policy into manageable sections, enabling flexible control over security policy behavior, and seamless network policy segmentation. Each policy layer can be deployed, automated or delegated independently of the rest of the policy rule-base. (NOTE: this feature requires R80-based gateways)

4. Where can I get more information on the R80.x API?

You can view the API documentation and uploaded API scripts within the Developer Network section on the community.

5. What management software blades are integrated into R80.x?

SmartLog is now fully integrated into R80. SmartEvent, SmartReporter, Monitoring and Compliance blades are also integrated into R80. SmartWorkflow has been integrated as part of the general R80.x offering. SmartLSM and Provisioning are available starting with R80.20.

6. What features of SmartEvent are available in R80.x?

You get all the key features of Next Generation SmartEvent, now integrated into the same management console. This means a single view of your security environment, customizable dashboards, faster log analysis and google-like free text searching for quick results. Logs, policies and security events are tightly integrated, allowing you to pivot easily from policy to logs or events and vice versa. Incidentally, the Compliance blade is now integrated and a tab away – allowing you to see how your policies map to best practices or industry regulations.

7. What Check Point gateways does R80.10 support?

R80 Management supports R75.20, R75.30, R75.40, R75.45, R75.46, R75.47, R75.40VS, R76, R77, R77.10, R77.20, R77.30, and R80.10 gateways. For the full list, please consult the R80.10 Release Notes. Note: certain features like policy layers require R80-based gateways.

8. What operating systems are supported for R80.x?

GAiA is now supported. Support for Linux and Red Hat will be available shortly.

9. Can I use my current Smart-1 appliances with R80.x?

Yes you can. We currently support Smart-1 205, Smart-1 210, Smart-1 225, Smart-1 3050, Smart-1 3150. We recommend you increase your RAM capacity for optimum performance.

10. What management deployment options are available with R80.x?

Both single domain and multi-domain deployments are supported.

11. What do Apple iPhone SE and R80 have in common?

Fun fact: Both were released on March 31, 2016. Both are elegantly engineered to optimize the user experience. However, while the former is mostly a packaging exercise, the latter is the culmination of many years of R&D - a security management platform built to help security teams address the business and technology changes impacting security today. R80 offers a radically new approach to managing security.

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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

Very helpful.

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I just discovered this topic.

I wonder if Check Point has the same feedbacks for R80/R80.10 than Apple for its Iphone SE.

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Epsum factorial non deposit quid pro quo hic escorol.

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