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R80.20 Management Not Resolving Some New Objects In SmartLog

I've been noticing some strange behavior since moving my SMS to R80.20 where some objects will not resolve when using them as search criteria in the SmartLog query bar.

For example, if I just search for "src: SERVER1", I am able to execute the query and see data as normal.

Then, when I try to search for an object that was recently created (src: SERVER2), the server name doesn't pop up as a suggestion as I'm typing and when I execute the query, I just get "Problems have occurred during search". If I just search by the IP address of SERVER2 instead, I am able to see logs.

So far, I've tried running Install Database a few times, manually stopped / started Smartlog (smartlogstop; smartlogstart), and rebooted the whole server to no avail. Has anyone experienced this behavior? Is something maybe just messed up with the Indexing / caching of objects? 


Edit: I added a space after src: in my example because it was converting colon S to an emoji 🙂 

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That suggests an indexing issue and it might be worth engaging with the TAC.

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