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R80.10 - SNMP - ifHCOutOctets (ifOutOctets) counters are not good on vlan interface



Since the migration on the version R80.10, we have had an issue on the SNMP part:

  • The ifHCOutOctets  (ifOutOctets)  counters are not good (OID :<X>) for each vlan interfaces, but these counters are still ok for  physical interfaces and ifHCInOctets (ifInOctets) counters are ok on both : vlans and physical interfaces (OID :<X>)

We opened a case about this issue and we do not know if this issue is already known.

Interesting to understand why there is a change about the interrogation of the standard Linux mib : IF-MIB.mib

Do not see any sk about it and checked global info on this one : sk90860 (How to configure SNMP on Gaia OS) without success.

Thanks in advance if some of you have information to correct this issue about monitoring.


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As the underlying Linux OS hasn't changed from R77.30 to R80.10, I would expect SNMP to operate the same.

Since it's not, the TAC is probably the correct avenue for understanding what's going on. 


For your information this issue is linked to SecureXL.

Indeed, without SecureXL: fwaccel off, the results of ifHCOutOctets  (ifOutOctets)  counters on the vlan interfaces are good.

Waiting an hotfix like SecureXL is more important.


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