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R80.10 MDS running in AWS - Upgrade to 80.10?

We are wondering how we can update an R80 MDS running in AWS to R80.10. Performing a CPUSE upgrade to 80.10 fails as it says that the upgrade cannot be completed due to the box running in a cloud environment / AWS. 

No migrate tools from R80 to R80.10 exist.

What is our best path of action to get to R80.10?

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CPUSE can be used to apply patches in AWS, but not a major upgrade. 
As the regular migration tools don't yet exist for R80, you can use a tool like this to copy the policy and objects from your R80 installation to one running R80.10:Python tool for exporting/importing a policy package or parts of it

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This is an interesting option. 

I will clone our MDS and try this to see what the outcome is.

Two questions:

If there's also a desktop policy in a CMA, will the tools you presented work? Maybe a better question would be - what won't these tools be able to export?

Second - Your language states "As the regular migration tools don't yet exist for R80" - does this imply they are coming, or is this not on the roadmap? If the python export/import is not successful - is there another option?



- Don


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