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Policy push disrupts video conferencing

We have a video conferencing app called Vidyo and we have issues using this application during policy pushes.  It will lock up and we lose video.  We have a cluster running 77.30 on Take 317.   We have been working with Vidyo but so far we have not been able to narrow down the issue.  Anyone have this similar issue?

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A couple of things come to mind for me.

First, you may want to take a look at your Connection Persistence settings of the Gateway object. Located within the Other section. This is how the current connections are handled when policy is installed. Keep them all; Keep only the data connections; or Rematch them all back through the FW policy again. 

Secondly, starting with R80.20, SecureXL remains enabled during a policy install.


We have the persistence set to keep all connections. At times the video feed during a firewall push can be 45 seconds behind.

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Generally if things are impacted during a policy push even with "keep all connections set", that indicates a firewall that is severely overloaded or in desperate need of some tuning.  When running a continuous large-packet ping through the firewall during a policy push do you see high latency for an extended period of time, packet loss, or both? 

I'd suggest running the Super Seven commands here and posting the results for analysis:

Super Seven Performance Assessment Commands (s7pac) 


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