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Policy History - Revert Security Layer


I am observing policy installation failure and suspect its related to a specific change or changes within the policy made since last successful policy installation.

Only one policy is impacted.

I would like to revert the security layer of the policy to a specific revision that existed just prior to the last successful install. However, when selecting the specific version in the policy layer history, there is no longer a revert button, only a view button. Is this still an option in R81.10 JHF 66? 

I understand this does not revert any changes to object properties that also might have been made in association with those policy layer changes, and does not revert other properties changes of any type either including Global Properties, Policy Layer properties or Threat Prevention properties etc. 



Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Error compiling IPv4 flavor

Operation ended with errors.


TAC seem to suspect it is related to change made in policy. I've reviewed changes since last successful policy installation and nothing is standing out. 




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Seems the option to revert the security layer of a policy to a specific revision is not available in R81.10? 

Can someone confirm this? 

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