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Number of concurrent connections per port and IP address

Hi, I need to generate from CLI information regarding a number of concurrent connections for http and https. On the second step I would like to limit those information for specific IP address or specific VLAN. Can you help me with that ? 

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I would like update myself because I found some solution but now I have more questions:

1. with:

fw ctl conntab | grep "state=TCP_ESTABLISHED" | grep "service=https" | wc -l

I will be able to grep all the sessions for https, but question is what should I do when SecureXL is enabled ?


<(inbound, src=[,62233], dest=[,80], TCP);  3599/3600, rule=105, tcp state=TCP_ESTABLISHED, service=http(415), Ifncin=2, Ifncout=2, Ifnsin=1, Ifnsout=1, conn modules: SeqVerifier>

This is the sample output from my command, finding specific IP will be easy, but do you have any suggestions how can I  prepare similar example with sessions connected with specific vlan ?


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