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New DHCP services compatibility with R76 security gateway

My Gateway is running on R76.

CMA is on R77.30 , we are planning to upgrade the CMA to R80.10  and  using the legacy DHCP services in rules to pass  through the firewall ( firewall is not configured as DHCP relay or server). Firewall is just allowing this traffic between DHCP client and server.

Now, my question is,  are these new  DHCP services(DHCP-request and DHCP-relay)  compatible with R76 gateway?

(we are planning to replace the existing security Gateway with new one later so that is why not upgrading the security gateway)

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No, these services are not compatible with R76.
The pre-upgrade verifier flags the old DHCP services but does not block the upgrade.
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Thanks for your reply
Currently , we are using below services.
udp_67,udp_68 and dhcp_rep_localmodule
Are you saying , we can not replace these services with new DHCP objects as it is not supported on firewall with R76, but we can go ahead with the upgrade the CMA to R80.10 with these existing services itself?

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