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Need help/validation/clarification with creating a cluster


I currently have a gateway that will be clustered.
The currently lone GW for office has security policies, NAT rules, HTTPS inspection etc.

How should I go about this in a proper manner? Bellow is how I think the process should go in general:
Rename the primary GW, configure the 2nd GW and install it, create 2nd GW object and then create a cluster object.

Renaming should be done in SC & in the GW's OS  with "set hostname" command and
certificates should be reset (webGUI, portal, IPSec and SIC).

The 2nd GW will be the same as the primary but the IP address will be different.

Clustering will be done in SC's GWs & Servers and the office policy will be changed to install on the new cluster.


Does this process sound/look ok? Am I missing some important details besides creating a backup before starting?



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Don’t think you’ll need to reset SIC here.
The act of creating a cluster will create a new certificate.
Believe the rest is correct.