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Multi-domain manager dashboard R80.10



I am looking for Smart Multi-domain manager dashboard R80.10 software, but unable to locate it on the Checkpoint website.


Could anyone please email me a link where I can find this software., I can only find the Smart Console R80.10


Many Thanks in Advance

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Hi, starting with R80, SmartConsole is your one app for everything. One single pane of glass for configuration, logs, multi-domain management, events, command-line, and device operations.

During login, typing an IP of a Multi-Domain Server and pressing "Login" will present an additional step that asks you to choose which domain would you like to connect to. 

You can also type an IP of a Multi-Domain server followed by \Domain-Name and it will skip the "choose domain" step and will just login to your desired domain (for example, if my domain name is LondonDomain and my Management IP is I can just type\LondonDomain under Server IP).


There is no separate SmartDomain Manager for R80.10. Everything is in the same SmartConsole (well, at least most of things till later releases).

Latest build is R80.10 SmartConsole Build 029. But as far as I know, you should have Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator installed to use it or a proper version of installation ISO itself:

It can be used to connect to these versions of the Security Management Server:
• R80.10 with R80.10 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator.
• R80.10 GA Take 421/462.


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