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MDS migration to R80.20 from R77.30 warning


Regarding the migration of R77.30 to R80 by doing a clean, I have a warning that I do not quite understand :

Title: INSPECT manual changes
* Description: Some changes in Security Gateway behavior require manual changes in INSPECT files. These files are overwritten with new versions when you upgrade. Sometimes, you must apply the changes again on the new INSPECT files. In other cases, there are new GUI options to set.
* Impacts: If changes are lost after the upgrade, the Security Gateway might not work as expected.
* To Do: Check if changes are needed in the new version, if so, merge them manually to the relevant file.
This problem will occur in the following files:
R80.20 Gateways (/opt/CPmds-R77/customers/fwdmsXXXXp/CPsuite-R77/fw1/lib)
When talking about the inspection engine of the security gateway changes, the only thing I could think of is related to SMS/MDS should be the policy global properties configuration or natting done and should occur when the SMS/MDS push the policy there might be the "changes" . I found the SK about doing the possible modification of final .def file with a compare of the R77 table.def. I did not manage to reproduce this issue in lab (from a fresh config, production data not imported in lab yet as I have first to adapt policies with new dhcp services ...).
To be honest I do not really like to do modification to this kind of file. I did read some topic about this which said we do not have to take this into account.
Did any of you apply this procedure ? If yes, did you encountered any issue after the migration ?
Thank you for your help 
Best regards,
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There are several reasons you might have to modify table.def directly.
You should do a diff of your existing table.def file against the one in /opt/CPR77CMP-R80.20/lib/table.def or one from a R77.30 gateway to see what was changed.
Based on that, we can provide more specific guidance.
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