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Modifying User Permissions

Problem with R80.10

Previously on R77.30 our help centre would create all user accounts and add them to the correct user groups to determine access to various resources through VPN.
In R80.10 the user groups tab has been removed from the user configuration screen.
The only way to configure now is to manually open each user group and add the user that way.
Now for our issue. The help desk is not able to do this. They have read only showing.
Example here
If I edit their permissions profile the only way I'm able to allow them to edit user groups is if I give them write access to common objects.
Unfortunately this also gives them access to be able to literally delete one of my firewalls from the console. Not cool.
Anybody know what the minimum permissions required to create and edit users would be?
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Hm... @Dima_M what do you think?

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