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Missing Feature in R80.X Management

I've looked around a bit and cannot find an answer.  There was a feature in management version < R80.X that is no longer in R80.X.   When creating or using a group object, you used to be able to put in pattern matching in order for the system to suggest adding a new or cloned object into a specific group.

For example:

Group:   cu_grp_Firewalls    Pattern to match    cu_fw_

If I create or clone an object that has the prefix: cu_fw_       SmartConsole would suggest adding the object to the group: cu_grp_Firewalls

This was a very useful feature.  I can't count how many times I've had to install policy twice since there wasn't a suggestion to add the object to a group that it needed to be in.

Does anyone know why this feature was omitted from R80.X?   Are there any plans to bring this back in R80.20 or future releases?

Thanks in advance.

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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

Hi, Group Suggestion is indeed something that isn't with R80.10 yet. We plan to bring the feature back in our next releases. One thing that I can offer for now would be auto-manipulating groups using a custom API script. 

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