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Migrating an SMS to MDS - Same hostname and IP

Hello - I have an established MDS with two CMAs currently on it.  We've also got separate SMS that is for a critical environment that we've been reluctant to migrate into the MDS as a CMA.  Our management has finally okay'ed getting this moved to the MDS, but, under the stipulation that it retains the same IP and hostname.  This SMS is on a separate network though.

My question - Our Smart-1 6000 box has multiple interfaces.  If we migrate this SMS into a CMA, would it be possible to map one of the physical interfaces on the Smart-1 box to this CMA so we can retain the hostname/IP?  Management likes this idea also because of the separation from the other CMAs.  Is this possible?  And if possible, would this be supported by Check Point?

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My understanding is this is possible, though you may want to confirm this with the TAC.
The "hostname" will obviously be that of the server itself, though the object name for the CMA can be the same.
Generally, a single interface is used for CMAs, though I believe it's possible to change that for a specific CMA if needed.

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