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Migrate VMWare SMS to Smart-1 HA

I have to migrate an SMS to a pair of new HA Smart-1 appliances. They're still fresh out of the box.


My plan is the following.


- use migrate_server export to create an archive of the DB

- 1st time wizard on one Smart-1 to set it as Primary management of an HA system

- use migrate_server import to import the DB and then change the SMS object from OpenServer to Smart-1

- 1st time mizard the second Smart-1 to set it up as Secondary and add it to the SMS


My question is that if I import the current DB in the new Smart-1, it will override everything including the fact it's the Primary of an HA management pair.

Any tips are welcome.

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Did you read sk54160: How to Configure Management HA ?The sequence in which you install management servers defines them as Primary or Secondary. The first management server installed becomes the Primary active server. When you install more Security Management Servers, you define them as Secondary. Secondary servers are Standby servers by default. Your SMS is primary and will be the same after import - you just FTW the secondary SMS and synchronize the Secondary Security Management server with the Active Security Management server by selecting Policy > Management High Availability and then select Synchronize in Dashboard.

But i have to add that from my long experience you are leaving a very good environment - VMware is the best for Management that can happen to you, as buildt-in snapshots, clones and backups add to the GAiA possibilities and cron-based backups. Management HA is notorious for sync issues, and promoting a secondary server to primary keeps only the current policy but no revisions at all (if the procedure does work).


Perfect, thanks for the advice.

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