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Maestro Security Policy "delta" comparison


I have a cluster of Maestro which is managed through the SMS.

There are numerous Administrators continually making Policy Rule  changes on deployment tasks.

The question here is as follows:

Suggesting that you have a benchmark date for example 20 June 2021  and a date of say 26 June and there have been many deployed ( and removed) policies in this time frame.


How can the check be done to confirm as to what existed on the 20 June in comparison to that that existed on the 26. 

The specific rule changes/ additions would be needed and not the total number of rules in the FW.

It is exactly as if a check was made on the databases between the two dates. 


Is this at all possible without too much trouble?


Any ideas is welcomed.



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The question is not related to Maestro, moving the post to Management section.

Go to SamrtConsole, Manage & Settings, choose Sessions/Revisions. All published revisions are listed there. In R81 and up, you can also compare those with the latest revision and run a change report (under Actions/Changes)

Screenshot 2021-08-20 at 14.07.09.png

Screenshot 2021-08-20 at 14.08.08.png

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