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MLM Performance Optimization

Hi guys,


I have an open server GAiA, R77.30 with a Multi-Domain Log Server (50 Domain Log Server) and I need to do something to optimize the machine because CPU0 is all the time at 0%id.


My idea was use one volume (RAID 1) to the SO and another volume (RAID 5) to logs but Check Point grab everything a make a unique partition (I know that RAID 5 is not the best option but I have 6x 1Tb disks and with the 2Tb limit I must do 2 different volumes with 3x1Tb). I can change everything but it will impact significantly the performance?


Affinity - Because it is not a gateway I can't use fw ct affinity and CPU0 gets a lot of %wa How check point recommends to change the interfaces to another CORE, it is possible to assign the fdw process of the Domain Log Server with most of the logs to another CPU?


Any different ideas to optimize the MLM?


Thanks guys,


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Maybe sk104848 Best Practices - Performance Optimization of Security Management Server installed on VMware... gives some hints - usually, it is more the Gateway performance that does count. As R77.30 has end of Support in May 2019, you should also ernestly consider an upgrade to R80.10.

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Hi Gunther,

Thanks for your anwser but this isn't a VM. It's a HP ML380 G6.



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Can you tell me if:

1. you have hyperthreading disabled

2. you have configured system to run as 64 bit

3. you have looked into Checkpoint Logserver using > 2T disk space on HP DL380G8 

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Hi Vladimir,

So, my answers:

  1. Hyperthreading is disable on the server BIOS,
  2. Ok, it's a 32bit edition, I will change it.
  3. Good tip but I did something similar (with lvm_manager that it's working on R77.30) and you still write logs and OS utilization on the same volume. 

Thanks for your time,


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