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MDS unable to login

We have been locked out of our R80.10 MDS since yesterday around noon PST due to a known issue with Smart Update breaking the internal automatic Sync jobs.  We were installing a hotfix for another cloud guard licensing issue which required a reboot. We have been waiting for Israel R&D to join our remote session for a couple of hours now and instead they have just requested logs from our MDS.  All this has done is prolong the time to a solution, and in turn keep us locked out.  Time of lock out now 20 + hours.


We have the process to disable the internal auto sync and want to avoid this but is not looking like we can much longer.


Does anyone know of a fix for this issue, that is apparently fixed in R80.20 but not in R80.10 besides a hotfix or disabling the internal HA auto sync functions?

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Most likely it's a bug that will require a hotfix of some sort or upgrading.
TAC/R&D are probably the best ones to help with this.

But let me ask: when you say "unable to login" what exactly is it you are trying to log in to?
Console? SmartConsole? Something else?

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