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Logging missing from Gateway

I was trying to get external syslog sources feed into my SmartCenter database (R80.20).

My R80.20 gateway as just doing fine. But I couldn't see anything from various syslog sources.

I had it going in older versions so I was a bit puzzled.

Then I found cpsyslog stopped receiving syslog messages on port 514 and Security Management is configured to accept syslog connections. However, after reboot, Check Point's... and I started to tinker with it.

Now I have events from my syslog source but ..... there is no trace from any log from my R80.20 gateway to be found in my SmartCenter. As I made this change only yesterday I was expecting I would see the R80.20 gateway as ORIGIN at least untill I made the change. But even if I look at the last 30 days there is not a trace of the logs of my R80.20 gateway.

Has anyone seen this odd behaviour? My guess it is something odd in the SmartCenter. But I haven't been able to track it down yet. (And I haven't started a ticket yet as this is my lab.)

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Right. Just noticed the newer Jumbo Hotfix for R80.20 and installed it.

As far as I can tell things seem to work allright now.

So I can start tinkering again with my pfSense log parsing.