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Log View stuck on "Searching"

We have a Smart1 appliance running MDS and open server running MLM.  From time to time, we notice that when going to Logs & Monitor | Log View to view logs, it doesn't return any results and stuck on "searching" at the top.

The quick fix is to reboot MDS and that fixes the issue.  We are running R80 Take 113, and didn't see an exact fix for this in jumbo take 76, 63 or 29.

Has anyone else run into this?  We noticed this in EA and now GA code...

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I'm not sure the logging problem you have is connected to R80. Looks more like configuration issue. Reboot MDS looks too dramatic step - did you try mdsstop or stop CMAs one by one. If possible try temporary to redirect logs to another open server or to MDS itself and see if it reproduced.

Or just contact support at the moment it happens and ask to run necessary zdebug+drop.

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