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License and blade status is invalid

Hey guys,

Got a 15000 firewall, its basically complaining about not being able to get to the Internet, however one blade - URL filtering is showing as working correctly and up to date. I have gone through sk114615 and sk83520 and all tests pass (status code 200 etc).

The licenses are actually valid until 2021. Doing a tcpdump I can see the requests to go out and response come back so not sure what else the issue could be? Its been this way for 3-4 months now.

Anti-bot and Anti-virus
Error: Update failed. Contract entitlement check failed. Could not reach "". Check proxy configuration on the gateway.

URL filtering
Up to date version 19020101

Threat Emulation
Error: Communication error: could not connect to cloud.

License status:
Errors with 3 blades
IPS, AntiVirus, AntiBot - Cannot fetch license due to a network error. Refer to sk114615 with error Id: 14

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