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Jumbo HotFix 286 on MDS R77.30

Hi all,

We have a 3 server MDS setup running R77.30 where we installed the Jumbo HotFix 286, previous installed version was 143.

When I look at  installed_jumbo_take at the MDS level this is what I get:
R77.30 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator take_286 is installed, see sk106162.

Then I run:

mdsenv Customer-Domain
R77.30 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator take_143 is installed, see sk106162.
Anybody else seen this phenomenon?

Regards, Maarten
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I've checked it on our MDS:

# mdsenv

# installed_jumbo_take
R77.30 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator take_266 is installed, see sk106162.

# mdsenv <IP-domain>

# installed_jumbo_take

Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator installation is not detected, see sk106162.

The same thing is shown in cpinfo -y all:

# mdsenv

# cpinfo -y all


HOTFIX_R77_30_JUMBO_HF Take: 266


And no hotfixes on domain levels. 

I suspect that it might be because Take_143 JHF was installed using legacy CLI, and not uninstalled in the same way before using CPUSE. Or maybe a result of not uninstalling Take_143 like it described here (sk106162😞

On Multi-Domain Security Management Server:

  • When running Take 205 and above of this Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator:
    Higher Take can be installed over the current Take.
  • When running Take 198 and lower of this Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator:
    Before installing a higher Take, the current Take must be uninstalled (refer to section "Uninstall instructions" - "Show / Hide instructions for uninstall of Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator Take 198 and lower on Multi-Domain Security Management Server").
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We got word back on this situation, it is a cosmetic issue.

The problem we had on this MDS was that the VSEC Licensing utility was not working anymore after installing the 286 JHF, the way to resolve that was by removing it and reinstalling the VSEC Lic Tool.

Regards, Maarten