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JHF 87 fw monitor and logging issues

Has anyone experienced any issues with R80.20 JHF 87?

We recently noticed issues with NAT and fw monitor. NAT objects were not working properly and not showing up in the logs. I upgraded to JHF 91 and this seemed to resolve the NAT issue. I'm still not able to filter on fw monitor.

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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

Hello Dave,

Please take a look at the comment:

"Now, starting from take 73, we have made substantial changes to FW monitor. Together with performance optimizations we have also embedded new filtering abilities in FW monitor.

By using "-F" flag you can filter certain connection. For example, to filter a host with the IP “” you should use: fw monitor -F ",0,0,0,0" -F "0,0,,0,0".

The syntax is simple. -F "{src IP}, {src port}, {dst IP},{dst port}, {protocol num}". “0” can be used as a wild card.

For more information about this check  sk30583 ("what is FW monitor") "

If you still have a question, please provide more details about issue with "fw monitor", which you noticed



Dmitry Krupnik 


Thanks for the fw monitor info. I did find that eventually. I guess my main concern was related to the logging of any objects that were NAT-ed. I couldn't see them in JHF 87, only until I upgraded to JHF 91
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