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Issue accessing R80.40 Demo


I recently went to fire up R80.40 SmartConsole in Demo mode and received the following error:

"You reached the limit for new Demos allowed on this computer. Please try again later."

I have not accessed the demo site for a while, so I am unsure why I would be receiving this. Is it more of an issue that too many other users are accessing the Demo that I am not allowed to access it? 

Thanks in advance

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Hi Chris,
Thanks for your feedback.
This is a known issue, our logic that compares if a request comes from an existing user or is it a new user should be fixed. It is currently in low priority to be fixed due to its frequent. If you try now one more time I believe you will not see that message.

Amiad Stern
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Thanks, I was able to access this later in the day. A bit frustrating though when trying to quickly find a setting or want to see something when I don't have access to a machine. Good to know it is not an issue with something I am doing. 

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