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Is vmware backup or vmware snapshot supported ?


A customer runs 3 management serveurs (smartcenter, smartevent, smartendpoint management) on a vmware environment.

The other virtual machines running on the same vmware ESX servers are backuped using a backup tool installed on top of the vmware infrastructure.

Can this tool backup or snapshot the management virtual machine ? Are there any prerequisites or actions to perform before running the backup/snapshot ?

Is it possible to script the GaiaOS snapshot to run it automatically?


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You can do both - ESX snapshots and GAIA backups (but not Gaia snapshots on VM!) Choice depends on you and your organisation. We have very strict segregation so we don't have access ourselves to ESX tools therefore ESX snapshot is our last resort. Otherwise we use GAIA backups as we create/restore them ourselves.

There are quite a few SK articles describing backup options, but you may start here

Best Practices - Backup on Gaia OS 

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If you take a snapshot using VMware tools, it needs to be done with the VM powered down.

Otherwise you may end up with an unusable snapshot.


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