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IPv6 to TunnelBroker in R80?


Has anyone build a IPv6 setup in R80(.10) to the TunnelBroker of HE?

I notcied that it didn't work and found these messages in /var/log/messages:

netis_get_driver_info:Cannot get driver information for sit_6in4_2, Invalid argument

If I ping the other end of the tunnel I get:

icmp_seq=... Destination unreachable: Address unreachable

I can ping my own address on this 6-in-4 tunnel interface.

Neither fw ctl zdebug drop nor fw6 ctl zdebug drop shows any relevant drops.

Anyone seen anything like this before? (If nothing pops up I may start a TAC case)

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Ouch. This is silly. I put in too low a value for the TTL field. It turned out I need 10 hops to get to the tunnel broker.

Deleting the interface with a TTL of 5 and setting it up again with a TTL of 15 solved the issue.

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Could you share a sanitized configuration - I have followed what I believe are all the steps for the configuration but for some reason when i try to communicate via the ipv6 network it fails.

Thanks in advance,


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add interface eth0 6in4 2 remote ttl 15
set interface sit_6in4_2 comments "Tunnel ID: xxxxxx"
set interface sit_6in4_2 state on
set interface sit_6in4_2 mtu 1480
set interface sit_6in4_2 ipv6-address 2001:470:xxxx:xxxx::2 mask-length 64

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