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Huge CPMILinksMgr.db file filling up root partition 100% MDS/MLM

Hello folks,

I just came across the second occurrence where the database file

"/var/opt/CPmds-R77/conf/mdsdb/CPMILinksMgr.db" filled up the root partition to 100%...taking up 80GB of space (all there was to take), causing the system to react very slow or rendered it even unresponsive.

The systems being affected so far were a MDS the first time (file size of 96GB) and a MLM the second time (file size of 80GB). All of them being part of a single MDM site with 10 Domains and ~26 FW Clusters spread among them.

primary MDS:       R77.30 JHF 292, 128GB RAM, ~6TB HDD, root partition size: 128GB

one of two MLM:  R77.30 JHF 292, 256GB RAM, ~12TB HDD, root partition size: 97GB

Removing the file after stopping the MDS services, does help but is only delaying the inevitable.

The file is getting huge no matter which MGMT system I check. The other MDM systems are reporting sizes between 20 to 50+ GB in size. Not critical but far from looking healthy/good/normal.

My questions about "CPMILinksMgr.db" are:

- What does increase the size?

-- Under which circumstances does the file size increase?

-- How can the size increase be controlled?

- Why is the file not decreasing in size on its own?

-- Or under which circumstances would it shrink?

-- If so, wow could these circumstances be provoked?

- Is there a prediction possible to what size the file can or would increase? Like: Number of users connecting using the SmartDomain Manager/Dashboard multiplied by xyzGB, plus the number of domains/gateways/etc. being actively managed multiplied by xyzGB to the power of the number of database objects, etc., etc. 

All I found out so far: The file size does not relate to the distance Halley's Comet has to earth.


Make sure you do follow the proper procedure (sk100507) of removing CPMILinksMgr.db before backing up any MGMT system. In my case 80GB of this file was taking up >4GB in compressed form. Restoring a backup would require the uncompressed amount of space of the file. Not to mention this file alone taking a long time to be processed.

Thanks in advance for your insight

Best regards


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These are SmartConsole cache files. The size is a function of objects * admins * GUI clients, roughly speaking. However, in your case I believe the files are corrupted.

I suggest you open a support call to handle the issue properly

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Hi Val,

hmm, ok.  I might do that. Is this a "one off" though, on all MDM systems (2 MDS, 2 MLM)? What would be an adequate size then?

@everyone: May I ask everyone of you reading this, please check your MDM installation regarding the file size of "/var/opt/CPmds-R77/conf/mdsdb/CPMILinksMgr.db". What is your file size value? What are your experiences with this file?

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Much less than you have now.

Your system is not OK, hence the support call recommendation


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