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How to export / import Firewall system log and traffic log via syslog?



I am using R81.1 for both SMS and Gateways. Gateways send log to SMS.


I would like to send the Firewall system log and traffic log to my target Syslog server to back up.


How can I achieve this via Gui, please?


And how can I import back the log if I need to review it?



I try to read the sk115392, But that is really complex.

I wonder why only the Checkpoint needs too many steps for just configuring Syslog while the other brands like Fortigate/Paloalto just need a few Gui steps to achieve it. Holy Sh.





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For Traffic logs Start with LogExporter configurable via SmartConsole GUI: 

For System logs configurable via local appliance Web UI:


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