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How do you add a user for R80.10 SmartEvent and SmartView access?

I have been trying to add users for administering SmartEvent but do not know exactly where in R80.10 to perform this task. I would also like to add users so they can login for SmartView access.

I found the following but the Administrators option is missing when I login to SmartConsole for the MDS or domain.

To Create an Administrator

  1. In SmartConsole, open Manage & Settings.
  2. Click Administrators.
  3. Click New Administrator.

    The New Administrator window opens.

  4. Enter a name for the administrator.
  5. Select an Authentication method.
  6. In the Permission Profiles area, select a permission profile, or click New and create a permission profile.
  7. In a new profile, in the Overview tab, configure Permissions. If you select Customized, you can select these options for the features:
    • Not selected - The administrator cannot see the feature.

      Note - If you cannot clear a resource selection, the administrator access to it is mandatory, and you cannot make it invisible

    • Selected - The administrator can see the feature.
    • Read - The administrator can see the feature but cannot change it.
    • Write - The administrator can see and change the feature.

    Some resources do not have the Read or Write option. You can only select (for full permissions) or clear (for no permissions) these resources.

  8. Optional: In the Expiration area, define an expiration date for the administrator account.
  9. Optional: In the left of the window:
    1. Click Additional.
    2. Enter the personal information (email, phone number) for the administrator.
  10. Click OK.
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Multi-Domain --> Permissions & Administrators page. This page has 2 sub-pages: Administrators, where you define the login method, and Permission Profiles, where you define which each admin is allowed to see or edit.

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If a user is a multi-domain super user shouldn't the user have full access to the entire system including SmartEvent?

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Do keep in mind, whatever level of user you have, all created reports will be personal! They will not be visible to any other user, not even a multi-domain super user.

Regards, Maarten
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For consistency in views we want to share our customised views. We have a user that has the master views and in case that we want to update or create new views we create them under this account and then by import/export all team views in synchronised. 


It should have access to SmartEvent as well.

Do you experience different behavior?


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